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November 2017 Consultation

We consulted residents before we started our merger with L&Q last year. When we considered your feedback, we saw no reason not to go ahead. So, East Thames became a subsidiary of the L&Q Group in December 2016 but continued to exist as a separate organisation.

Being part of the L&Q Group has already brought benefits to East Thames and our residents. It has meant that we are stronger financially and have been able to build more new homes. This is all while still providing improved quality services to residents.

We think we can achieve even more if we merge fully with L&Q to create one organisation. This would enable us to avoid some of the doubling-up of services that we have now as two separate organisations. As one organisation, we can achieve economies of scale and savings that we will reinvest into improving resident services and building more new homes.

Originally, we planned to merge fully by 2019, but we now think we should bring this forward by a year, to March 2018. This will increase the efficiencies we can make.

If it goes ahead, the merger would happen by way of what is called a Transfer of Engagements. This is where one organisation joins another by transferring everything it has to the other organisation.

This would mean that East Thames would transfer everything it owns to L&Q and would no longer exist as a separate organisation. L&Q would become your new landlord, but your tenancy agreement or lease would not change, as L&Q would just step into East Thames’s shoes. Your legal rights would also stay the same and the government’s Homes and Communities Agency, which regulates all housing associations, including L&Q and East Thames, would still protect you.

As with last year’s changes, we want to hear what our residents think of our plans before we go ahead. That is why we are now starting a consultation with you. This is your chance to share your views with us and to influence the final decision our board takes on whether to merge fully with L&Q.

To have your say please complete this online form.

Alternatively, you can call our customer contact centre on 0300 303 7333 or speak to your housing officer.

To answer some of the questions you may have about the merger, we have produced some Frequently Asked Questions.

We need to have received your views by 27 December 2017 in order to take them into account. We won’t be able to provide individual feedback but will publish a summary of the results on our website after this date. We’ll also explain how our board took residents’ views into account when making their final decision.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to tell us what’s important to you about our proposed merger with L&Q.