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Development expertise

East Thames has been in the business of providing affordable homes for over 30 years. In that time we have been involved in the building of thousands of homes.

We have a proud history, including a number of awards for our projects. But more importantly, we have constantly questioned the way housing is designed and built. More than ever, we are dedicated to ensuring that new homes are built to the highest standards and are easy to maintain and live in, providing our tenants with homes they are really happy to live in.

We are also focussed on sustainability. Our Greener Homes for Redbridge project has won awards and we plan to continue not only building homes which are sustainable, but also ensuring that the rest of our housing stock meets higher standards.

Sustainable innovation

Reducing carbon emissions and cutting heating costs for people who live in older homes is a major challenge for the UK housing industry, with more than a quarter of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions created by households.

One of the biggest impacts we have on the environment is our homes, so as a major landlord, we have a big role to play in reducing our environmental impact.

East Thames has done a lot to ensure the new homes we build are more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. But it’s not so easy or affordable with older homes, especially street properties which were often built more than 100 years ago.

Retrofit for the Future

Retrofit for the Future was a project run by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to help kit out more of Britain’s social housing with improvements that reduce CO2 emissions. As part of this project, the TSB has given us funding to retrofit three older, inefficient East Thames properties with new technologies that saved energy, cut carbon emissions and cost residents much less to run.

The three properties, located in Beckton, Ilford and Tower Hamlets received improvements that cut emissions by at least 80%, including intuitive heating and fabric insulation materials that have previously been used in space shuttles.

Once the refurbishments were completed and monitoring was carried out, the results were used to find out how similar technologies can be used in housing throughout the UK to meet overall government targets on carbon reduction.

This project generated some great ideas and we’re striving to instil this good practice throughout our development work.