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Ending your tenancy

Here are some things you need to do before you can end your tenancy with East Thames. This includes how and when to give notice and how to leave your property in good condition.

Giving notice

We need at least 28 days' written notice before you move out of your East Thames home. If you are transferring to another East Thames property you may need to move in less than 28 days’ time. If this is the case, you must still agree the date of your move with us in advance.

The easiest way to give us notice is to simply complete the form below. We will then send you a digital notice to quit that you can sign online using Docusign. 

Request a notice to quit online

You can also print and fill out the notice to quit form at the end of our Moving Out factsheet. This factsheet contains important information about the things you need to do before you move out, from cleaning your property to handing in your keys, so you should read it before giving notice..

Leaving your property in good condition

Once you have given notice to move out, we will arrange for someone to visit the property to make sure everything is being left in good working order. If you, your household or anyone visiting your home has caused any damage to the property since you moved in, you’ll need to have this repaired before moving out. Alternatively we can arrange the repair and recharge the costs back to you.

You also need to remove all your belongings from the property (and garden if you have one), including any rubbish or items you don’t want, before you leave the property. As with repairs, we will charge you for any clearance costs.

When you leave, please make sure you return all keys - including fobs, keys for window locks and back door keys - to us.

Please be aware that if you plan to move into another East Thames property, the condition of your current property will be taken into consideration. Any repairs must be made before you can transfer; failure to do so could result in the transfer being cancelled.

If you would like to speak to someone about giving notice, please contact us on 0300 303 7333 or email lettings@east-thames.co.uk.