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Estate inspections

Estate inspection

At East Thames, we always encourage our residents, to take part in estate inspections. This ensures that we are listening to your needs and what you would like to see improved. All Inspectors are trained in what to look out for. Once an estate or scheme has been inspected, it is then given a met or not met standard. 

How do you decide if my estate is at a met standard?

Below are some of the criteria that your estate will be marked against when being inspected. It will then be given a standard of met or not met. Any areas preventing your estate from reaching the met standard criteria will be taken up by your housing manager.


  • Any common areas are clean and tidy
  • Lawns are well kept, free from litter, and have few if any weeds
  • Trees are properly staked and pruned

External cleaning

  • Paths, roadways, and car parks are swept and free from litter

Interior cleaning

  • Interior floors are clean and tidy
  • Carpets are in good condition and have been vacuumed
  • Interior paintwork and finishes are clean
  • Light diffusers are clean
  • Light bulbs are in working order
  • Internal chute rooms and bin stores are clean
  • Metalwork is clean and polished where necessary
  • Internal windows are clean


  • No unauthorised personal belongings are stored in communal areas
  • No abandoned, untaxed, or unauthorised vehicles on the roads and car parks
  • No graffiti in the communal areas


You can download the residents estate inspections handbook here

For further information look at your estate noticeboard, speak to your housing manager or contact us on customerservices@east-thames.co.uk or 0300 303 7333