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Fire safety

The tragedy at Grenfell Tower has brought the topic of fire safety to the forefront of everyone’s minds. But as a resident of East Thames, please rest assured that fire safety is always a priority for us. To keep your home safe, we maintain fire risk assessments. Plus, when we carry out communal area inspections, we check that fire equipment is not damaged and that there are no fire risks in the communal areas.

In light of recent events, we will be taking extra measures to ensure the safety of your home. We will visit all our blocks of six storeys or more to review the fire risk assessment and the buildings’ safety and aim to have these completed by Friday 23 June.

We have a “stay put” strategy in place in many of our buildings. Stay put strategies are often used in buildings where the fire can be contained where it started and where there is little risk of the fire spreading. If you’re concerned, or fire or smoke affects your home you should leave the building immediately using the nearest escape route. There is more information on this in our fire safety FAQs.

All of our fire safety arrangements are reviewed by the London Fire Brigade with whom we have entered into a Primary Authority Partnership Scheme. We recognise that some of this legislation and guidance may change in light of the fire at Grenfell Tower, once the causes have been properly investigated. We will work closely with the fire authorities and local councils to ensure we quickly apply all lessons learnt, especially changes to fire safety requirements. Making sure our residents have a safe place to live is incredibly important to us and we will continue to review and improve our fire safety arrangements.

If you live in a block with a communal area there should be a fire action notice posted on your communal noticeboard which advises you of what to do in the event of a fire. For more advice and guidance on fire safety visit your local fire brigade website.

To read our fire safety FAQ, click here.

As always, if you see or suspect a fire please call 999 immediately.