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Harlow Foyer (Occasio House)

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About Harlow Foyer

Opened: 2001
Units: 116

Harlow Foyer, also known as Occasio House, provides services to its residents and other young people who live in and around Harlow. We pride ourselves on having an open door for young people to be able to access local services. 

The foyer works to move young people through to independence and operates a two-stage accommodation programme.

  • Stage one comprises 76 part furnished bed-sits.
  • Stage two comprises 40 unfurnished one-bedroom flats including eight flats for young parents. 

Residents can move from stage one to stage two on the achievement of agreed targets. The maximum length of stay within the foyer is two years.

Harlow Foyer offers a wide range of training, development and support opportunities to young people, such as:

Support services

The foyer has staff available to support residents all day everyday. Support is available to deal reactively with issues as the residents identify them and pro-actively through planned work with keyworking and other staff. 

Keyworkers help residents identify the issues they need to address, plan approaches for tackling the issues and are able to advocate and support residents in accessing specialist services whenever these are required.

Employment and training

The employment and training facility provides services to both residents and other local young people. The facility includes: 

  • Assessment services
  • Accredited training
  • ICT training
  • Lifeskills training
  • Basic skills courses

Accredited information, advice and guidance on training, education and employment opportunities are also a key element of the programme.


The lifeskills training sessions offered vary according to the needs of the residents but include: 

  • money management
  • sexual health
  • drugs awareness
  • healthy living
  • diversity
  • you and the law

Additional lifeskills sessions are developed to meet the needs and interests of the young people accessing the service. The lifeskills programme is available to local young people who do not live at the foyer but who might be visiting friends or family members.

Careers advice

The foyer has qualified careers advisors who assist any young person in finding employment. The sessions aid participants with careers guidance, CV development, job matching, interview training, and job hunting. Basic Skills support is provided by qualified staff on either a one-to-one or small group basis.