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New Union Wharf, Tower Hamlets

About the regeneration

The New Union Wharf estate regeneration will see 189 homes on the 1970s built estate replaced with 399 modern, energy efficient homes.

The regeneration, which received planning approval in November 2012, will feature homes ranging from one to four bedrooms which will be available for social rent, shared ownership, and outright sale. The homes will all feature spacious outdoor areas including winter gardens and balconies, and will be constructed to East Thames’ high specification standards with modern energy saving features.

Residents on the estate have been heavily involved in the decision to go ahead with regeneration and continue to work closely with East Thames and contractor, Hill Partnerships to ensure that, once finished, the new estate meets the needs and expectations of the existing residents and the local community.

East Thames will be investing in the estate to improve the quality of living and to help to preserve and expand the fantastic community that already exists there.

Hill Partnerships was selected by East Thames in early 2013, with input from estate residents, to carry out the regeneration work. 

There are four main reasons for carrying out regeneration 

1. To improve the quality of homes
Regeneration would provide tenants with modern, new homes built to a high standard with modern energy saving features. They would be designed to last at least 60 years.

2. The estate is poorly designed
Designed in the 70s, the estate suffers from issues related to security, damp, drainage and leaking roofs. The communal areas are also poorly designed and under-utilised.

3. To reduce maintenance costs and repair problems
As the estate ages, it is costing more to maintain. Some of the issues, such as the damp, will worsen as the estate ages. This is costly for East Thames and frustrating for residents.

4. To provide affordable homes on the Isle of Dogs
We want to provide more affordable homes in east London, including the Isle of Dogs. In the past few years we have helped hundreds of households on low to moderate incomes onto the housing ladder through affordable home ownership and we want to continue to do this.

Contact us

If you have any other queries about the regeneration on NUW then please contact a member of the team:
Elaine Ambrose
Rehousing & Regeneration Manager
Tel: 07918 562340 
Local Office: 020 7515 9553
Email: elaine.ambrose@east-thames.co.uk
Tahira Akram
Housing Manager
Local Office: 020 7515 9553
Email: tahira.akram@east-thames.co.uk