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Your Housing Scrutiny Panel

The Housing Scrutiny Panel (HSP) has been set up to examine our performance and the services we provide.

Who we are and what we do

Lorraine Brown, independent chair of scrutiny panel

We are a panel of tenants and leaseholders who work to improve the services that we receive from East Thames. We do this by conducting a scrutiny investigation to assess how services are delivered. This includes various scrutiny activities such as: reviewing policies, procedures and performance data, interviewing staff, job shadowing and carrying out our own resident’s survey to find out more about the services that we receive. We then report on what’s working well and make recommendations for improvement.

The panel were recently shortlisted for a TPAS award for excellence in scrutiny. Read about it here.

Meeting minutes

Housing Scrutiny Panel meeting minutes May 10 2017 

Complaints handling report update October 2016

Housing Scrutiny Panel recommendations October 2015

Reports and recommendations

Communications report and recommendations 2016

Planned maintenance report and recommendations 2016

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about the work of the Housing Scrutiny Panel or how you can get involved please contact: Deborah Lamb, Resident Involvement Officer 020 8536 8806 or email:  Deborah.lamb@east-thames.co.uk