Diversity and inclusion is a key part of how we deliver our social mission at L&Q. In recognition of its importance in building successful organisations, inclusion is one of our five core values.

It’s an important part of our social contract with residents and stakeholders that our organisation reflects the wider community. Beyond that, bringing together a diverse range of people within our organisation gives us the best opportunity to deliver our ambitious plans to deliver 100,000 new homes, whilst investing in the quality of our existing homes.

We're proud of our inclusive culture and want to be a place where everyone can bring their whole selves to work, confident that difference is not only accepted but celebrated in our workplace.

We have three staff network groups at L&Q, chaired by members of staff who are provided with an allowance of time away from their day job to perform their duties for their network. These are Inspire, our gender equality network, Kaleidoscope, our cultural diversity network and Spectrum, our LGBT+ network.

In addition, we have a staff wellbeing programme, iMatter, which is co-chaired by HR and the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team. iMatter addresses four key themes of wellbeing: mental health, physical health, financial wellbeing and life skills.

We are also building on our provision for the diverse range of people that live in our homes and access our services. At the forefront of this work is the customer panel and the LGBT resident forum.