L&Q measures its operational performance by setting challenging targets to improve year on year, through our annual planning process.

Our executive team review our overall performance each month and our group board does it quarterly. This is to make sure we are achieving our objectives and strategies and giving our residents the best service possible.

How we are performing

Our targets for 2016/17 (which were set prior to the addition of East Thames Limited and Gallagher Estates to the Group) and how we delivered against those targets are set out in the table below.

Measure of performancePerformance indicators2017 target2017 actual
Customer experience
Consistently deliver an efficient,reliable and timely service to all our customersOverall satisfaction with services>=80%79%
Satisfaction with repairs and maintenance service>=80%75%
Satisfaction with home>=80%82%
Financial strength and growth
Building the homes we needDevelopment handovers>=2,7752,226
Maximise the financial capacity in order to deliver as many homes as possibleDelivering surplus from sales and core activities>=£282m£276m
People and culture
Engaging our peopleStaff engagement in Great Places to Work survey>=81%78%
Business excellence
Key operational measures monitored by operational boardCurrent tenant arrears=<3.6%3.5%
Abandoned call rate (contact centre)=<10%9.9%
Valid gas certificates=100%99.8%
Estates achieving gold standard>=65%68%
Empty units (voids available to let)=<1%0.6%
Staff sickness=<2.8%2.8%

We acknowledge that results were marginally below the challenging targets we set ourselves, with seven out of the above twelve not met.

However, during the course of the last year, the Group and the external environment has seen significant and material change, and as such, we can draw a lot of positives from these results.

Being just short of the target for overall satisfaction with the service we provide demonstrates that the culture within the Group remains customer focussed. In respect of our staff engagement, 78% ranked us in 29th place in the Great Places to Work list this year.

Further information

You can find out more about our performance in our financial statements and our value for money reports.