Chief Executive's Introduction

The objectives set out in this corporate plan form the second year of our two-year transformation programme, taking us up to 2020.

We listened to our people, our residents and our partners when we shaped its first year, and we came back to you again to refine our aims for year two.

Those aims continue to span our three key themes:

Invest – we’ll invest in our people, in our existing homes and in the tools we need for the job

Grow – we’ll grow our organisational and financial capability so we can deliver services better

Transform– we’ll transform our services, tackle social stigma and embed a customer service culture across the business.

As we move into year two, quality must become our watch word.

We want only ever to hand over new homes we are proud of and to manage existing L&Q homes as well as we would our own. We must take personal responsibility for delivering great service, whether that is to our customers or to each other.

Only then can we maintain our upward trend on resident satisfaction and, importantly, regain the trust and confidence of residents in our most challenging schemes.

This year, we’ll also need to manage the challenges and opportunities present in our operating environment: delivering growth, maintaining the bottom line and investing in our service and existing homes.

Each of us at L&Q has a role to play in all of this.

Whether it’s developing new ideas and products, or new, efficient ways of doing things, we’ve always been a leader in the sector. We’re a leader because we have great people who work for us – and who care about what we do.

I’d like to thank you for your commitment. Your hard work since we set out on this two-year journey has got us where we are now. We’ve made good progress and delivered what we said we would.

Now is the time for that next push to get us where we want to be.

David Montague
Group Chief Executive


Introduction from the Resident Services Group

Operating in a tough environment has become almost second nature for housing associations. Yet, despite our best efforts, the housing crisis remains very real, the number of homeless people is rising, and people are struggling.

We cannot afford to stand still.

L&Q’s plans to build 100,000 quality new homes will help alleviate these problems – and it’s continuing to invest in our homes, to keep them in good condition.

Its work to support residents makes a huge difference too. Thanks to the L&Q Foundation, residents are increasing their income and getting new or better jobs.

Residents have a lot to offer in return. Listening to us and working with us as equal partners makes L&Q a better landlord.

L&Q’s standard for the homes it relets is a good example of the difference residents can make. It was residents who flagged that refurbishing homes more thoroughly between lettings would give the people moving in a better start to their tenancy.

That’s why I’m delighted that L&Q is making it easier for more of us to have our views heard. For example, it’s signed up as an early adopter of the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants initiative, working with residents to make sure it remains accountable to us.

And more than 3,500 residents have now joined L&Q’s new online panel, which offers a fresh way to hear what we have to say.

This is all part of its new customer promise. This includes a commitment to listen to residents and act on our feedback and to make it easier for us to interact with L&Q – anytime, anyplace, using any device.

Keeping us safe is another key promise. It will do this, in part, by continuing to invest in our homes and by being active members of the government’s early adopters programme on building and fire safety.

It’s also pledged to put things right if ever they go wrong. During the past year, we’ve seen L&Q be open and honest when it has failed residents – and, importantly, it has committed to learn from its mistakes.

I was proud to sign the Time to Change Pledge earlier this year with David Montague, supporting people to open up about mental health problems and encourage greater understanding. This is another way that L&Q is helping to lead the housing sector.

Over the coming year, there is still work to do to improve resident satisfaction. But positive initiatives are in place and there is a genuine desire from people right across L&Q to make it happen.

Fayann Simpson
Chair of Resident Services Group and member of Group Board

Download our corporate plan 2019/20 (PDF)