We publish details of the salaries paid to our staff and board members.

We believe that our customers and the general public should be able to see easily how effective we are and how we provide value for money.

Employee salaries

The costs for our employees for the 2016/17 financial year are listed in the table below.

Note: Group numbers include those employees who are directly employed by a subsidiary and those employees who transferred from East Thames Limited between 6 December 2016 and 31 March 2017.

Staff costsGroup
L&Q Housing Trust
Wages and Salaries7468
Social security costs (e.g. National Insurance)87
Other pension costs1010

The table below shows the full time equivalent number of executive directors who received remuneration, earning over £60,000. The figures include salaries, performance related pay, loss of office payments, benefits in kind and pension contributions:

Salary band (£)Number of employees
60,001 to 70,000-
70,001 to 80,0001
80,001 to 90,000-
90,001 to 170,000-
170,001 to 180,0001
180,001 to 190,000-
190,001 to 200,0002
200,001 to 210,0001
210,001 to 220,0001
220,001 to 230,000-
230,001 to 240,0001
240,001 to 250,000-
250,001 to 260,000-
260,001 to 270,000-
270,001 to 280,0001
280,001 to 290,0001
290,001 to 410,000-
410,001 to 430,0001

Board member salaries

The table below details the remuneration received by current and previous members of our group board during the 2016/17 financial year.

Board memberAdditional responsibilitiesRemuneration (£)
Aubrey Adams

Chair, Group Board

Anne Elizabeth Bassis

Chair, Customer Experience Committee

Tracey Fletcher-Ray
Samantha Hyde


Larissa Joy
(appointed 6 Dec 2016)
Michael More

Chair, Audit and Risk Committee

Trevor Moross

Chair, Governance and Remunerations Committee

Simon Rubinsohn

Chair, Development Committee

Tina Tietjen
(appointed 6 Dec 2016)
Robert Cooper (resigned 8 Sept 2016) 17,950
Frank Chersky (resigned 6 Dec 2016) 12,940
David Montague nil

Waqar Ahmed
(appointed 6 Dec 2016)


Other committee members

The table below details the remuneration received by current and previous committee members during the 2016/17 financial year.

Committee memberRemuneration (£)
Duncan Beardsley£8,375
Rajiv Jaitly£8,375
James Scott£8,375
John Drew£8,375
Paula Higson£8,375
Angela Williams£5,500
Fayann Simpsonnil
Michael Verriernil

Further information

See our financial statements for further details of staff salaries and board member remuneration.