After finishing school, Iesha completed courses in childcare and was looking to develop her career in this area. Unfortunately, in 2015 her mum became ill and she had to put he own life on hold and became her mother’s full-time carer for next three years.

By the time Iesha’s mum was well enough for Iesha to look for a job she felt she was at a crossroads in her life, she had gone off the idea of working in childcare as she had been caring for her mum for such a long time she wanted to do something completely different.

Iesha’s sister was an L&Q resident and had heard about some apprenticeship vacancies in bricklaying, dry lining and ground worker roles and encouraged Iesha to apply. Iesha liked the idea of doing an apprenticeship and gaining on the job experience whilst learning and just about managed to submit her application the day before the closing date! Iesha really wanted to get one of these jobs and get her life back on track.  She was successful in her application but at interview we recognised that here was a great deal of potential in her and she was subsequently encouraged to apply for the Apprentice Assistant Site Manager role, which she secured.

In February 2018 Iesha started at the L&Q development ‘The Hyde’ in Hendon and is really enjoying her time there.

She is very proactive and has been visiting local secondary schools promoting “Women in Construction” and has also supported a site based female work experience candidate during a two-week placement.

Iesha is ambitious and doesn’t see her gender as a barrier to her success in construction. Her advice to other females considering a career in this area is that “they shouldn’t be put off by their gender (being female) … everybody on site has a job role and that is it … Be brave!”