If you believe you are experiencing antisocial behaviour (ASB), please contact us so we can offer advice and support. We will work with all the relevant parties to try and resolve the problem at an early stage.

Solutions may include getting independent experts to oversee talks between the complainant and the person being complained about. For these talks to work, both parties need to be willing to participate in working together to stop the antisocial behaviour.

It may be necessary to also involve other external agencies such as Environmental Health Services to monitor noise. If the ASB is serious then it may become necessary to contact the police.

L&Q, as a landlord, have a number of ways in which they can help to stop ASB, but we need to work with all our residents to get the message across that it won't be tolerated.

We will evict people from our properties only as a last resort. Eviction is only used where the case is so serious that a court judge will order it. For this to happen we need the support of witnesses and good evidence to show that this serious action is justified.

In most cases, we will aim to stop the ASB at an early stage and so stop the problem becoming serious. This can be achieved if all parties involve work together.