We know the coronavirus is having an impact on people’s health – and that it’s affecting people’s finances too. We’re here to help you if you need us.

The government has increased the benefits and support available to people whose incomes are affected by the coronavirus. This includes help for the self-employed and people who have been furloughed.

We’d urge you to claim any government support you’re entitled to while it’s available – you can find information on the government’s website and on the Citizens Advice website.

The government has also changed the law temporarily to help you feel more secure in your home. This isn’t by allowing rent holidays, but instead by preventing landlords from evicting tenants who fall behind on their rent.

This means you still need to pay your rent. We ask that you please continue to do this as normal for as long as you can. Your rent helps us fund essential frontline services.

If you need our help, please don’t hesitate to ask – we can provide advice, support and guidance. This can include putting special payment plans in place to help if you need it or supporting you to claim benefits you’re entitled to.

Right now we’re training up more of our people to be able to answer your calls about financial issues. We also work with the Pound Advice service, which provides telephone and face-to-face debt and financial advice.

Please rest assured that even if you fall behind on your rent at this difficult time, we won’t start court action against you.

Help and advice

To find out more about the support available at the moment, please visit our frequently asked questions page.