If your home has:

  • shared gardens
  • landscaped areas
  • shared car parks
  • communal hallways
  • or other communal areas

We'll arrange for contractors to maintain the communal grounds.

We expect the highest standards of service and will check the communal areas every four to six weeks to make sure our contractors are doing a good job.

Usually, our contractors visit your development once a fortnight throughout the year, although sometimes weekly visits are carried out depending on the level of maintenance required and the number of homes at the development.

At some developments L&Q may not provide a direct grounds maintenance service as there will be a management company who maintain the building and grounds.

There are notice boards in the hallways of apartment blocks which include a schedule of duties and a visiting rota so that you know what standards of cleaning service to expect within the internal communal areas and when the cleaner is due to attend. The cleaner will sign-off a sheet on the notice board to indicate the date they attended to clean the block and you can also comment on the sheet, if for example you notice a light bulb has blown and the cleaner should either replace it or report it on their visit.

We will also consider allowing a group of residents to carry out the cleaning or gardening of a block themselves. We will help you do this if the majority of residents vote to look after the grounds themselves, please contact your Neighbourhood Services Officer for further information.

If you would like to comment on the cleaning/grounds maintenance at your development please contact us.

Find out more about general repairs and maintenance.