We ask that residents set up direct debits to pay rent. This is a convenient and effective way of ensuring your rent is paid on time.

How do I set up direct debit payments?

To take advantage of this easy payment option just contact us and one of our customer advisers will help you set up your direct debit.

You can download the direct debit instruction form here and send it to L&Q Direct (Please remember to include your tenancy reference number).

What are the advantages of direct debit?

  • Only one form to fill in to set up the debit instruction or you can set up a direct debit over the phone
  • Unlike a standing order you do not have to complete a new form every time there's a change
  • We make any changes needed once set up
  • We always tell you in advance about any changes
  • You are covered by the Direct Debit guarantee against any errors made by us or your bank
  • You can cancel at any time
  • You can choose the frequency and payment dates to suit you as long as your payments are always made in advance of rent due
  • Details of payments made to us will show on your bank or building society statement. We will also send you a regular statement of account at least every quarter to help you check your account balance
  • By paying in this way you help us keep costs down for everyone
  • We can re-invest savings in service improvements which you will benefit from

What control do I have?

You are always in control. We tell you initially of the amounts and payment dates giving at least ten working days notice required by the Direct Debit scheme. The same applies to any changes made, we will always tell you about any changes in advance.

What if things go wrong?

You are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee so that if a payment is made in error from your account, either by us, or your bank or building society, you will get an immediate refund from your bank or building society. We then refund the payment back to them under the schemes indemnity cover. You are also entitled to cancel your Direct Debit at any time.