If you get into rent arrears and fail to clear the debt or come to an agreement that's acceptable to us, we have the right to take you to court and seek eviction. The steps to eviction are given below and are used only as a last resort.

  • You will receive a Notice of Seeking/Requiring Possession or a Notice to Quit
  • If you do not repay the debt you will receive a possession summons giving a date for a hearing at the county court
  • If the debt is not cleared in full then the court can either make an Outright Order or a Suspended Possession Order. If you do not repay the debt after a Suspended Order you will receive a Warrant of Possession with an eviction date.

You should contact L&Q Direct and speak to the revenue team straight away if you get into arrears. Revenue officers are responsible for all aspects of the rent and arrears recovery service.